Maria's Vision

Safe Water is our most important resource

My biggest priority is that our valley’s water is safe for you and your family to drink. 

Ensuring safety regulations are met – I've worked hard to ensure that our water supply continues to meet all state and federal health standards.

Protecting your water from pollution – Our water must be protected from big polluters, and we have successfully sued those polluters to ensure they pay for necessary cleanup.

Reliable Water, even during times of drought

I understand how important it is for you to have a consistent source of water and flexible options instead of mandates. 

Built up backup water supplies – I've successfully supported diverse backup water supplies so you can access reliable water even during drought.


Maximizing flexibility for Santa Clarita residents – I plan to work to transition to a percent reduction goal rather than a day-of-week goal to increase flexibility and ensure reliability. I support exemptions for high hazard fire zones.


State agencies should not overlook the sacrifices you’ve already made – Our residents have invested in retrofits and significantly reduced waste. These efforts should not be overlooked, and I'll fight to protect Santa Clarita residents against unnecessary and unhelpful mandates.

Affordable Water that protects ratepayers

I've worked tirelessly to make our water as affordable as possible. 

Agency consolidation saved taxpayers millions – My efforts to create the consolidated SCV Water Agency have already saved our community more than $10 million. 

Supporting families during COVID – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, I worked to allow families experiencing financial hardships to defer bill payments. 

Ensuring everyone pays their fair share – As our community builds more necessary housing, I am committed to ensuring that these development projects pay their fair share of water infrastructure costs. 


Opposing unnecessary rate increases – I opposed rate increases and will continue to find creative solutions to meet financial needs without burdening ratepayers in the future.